The Nintendo Switch Offers Some Great Choices in Games

The Nintendo Switch Offers Some Great Choices in Games

As a huge fan of the Nintendo franchise for years, I was ready to act a total fan-girl. My credit card was ready to go and I knew that early adoption of the game system would make me a legend at work. Working for Apple computers, you’d be amazed at how many are complete game-heads. I am one just the same. I was ready to buy it. My biggest fear was that it would not be available. Turns out I was wrong. Spoiler alert: It was epic!

I pre-ordered the system and began playing on day one. In fact, yes, Sean that call in for a sick day was exactly what you thought. I was home playing my Nintendo Switch. Thanks, by the way to Sean. The system was available everywhere it turned out when the time came to pick mine up. I was still happy with my purchase. The thing that I am now most excited about is the game coming in March. Yes, my credit card needs to be paid by then, but who isn’t guilty of that as a gamer? Here are the ones that I will be adding to that debt on my credit card. Here are the things I look for and the game that I decided to buy in March.

  • It must be epic.
  • I look for character series or action play. I also love retro though too.
  • It has to be one that I will play after I complete the game.


This is a fun game for beginners of the genre. The gameplay is supposed to make use of the new technology. As you can imagine, as a geek, I am looking forward to seeing how it works. This is an action game that reminds me of the Wii first edition sports games from the original Wii release.

Just Dance 2017

I have followed this series since the first release of the original version. It was a great way to defend my purchase to my non-gaming relatives. I told them that it is a great way to get exercise that most gamers lack. They bought it. Well, actually I bought it, but I digress. The game looks polished and fun. The song selections are good too. It even comes with a free subscription for three months to their song selections. That lets you add more songs. It’s all part of a streaming service. Yep, I’m going to buy that one.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This is an all-time favorite franchise for me. I have played Mr. Zelda since the first game. If Zelda has a game, then I’m buying it. This one promises to have a more open game design which does sound like a lot of fun. Ah yes, Zelda you now have some competition. I can’t wait to explore my Kingdom of Hyrule.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

This one I am still wondering about. It looks good. The retro gameplay sound fun. It’s the previous release back in 2014 was good and so was the DLC. As a downloadable, it is rated at the top of its category. I will wait and see.

Super Bomberman R

This is one that I know I’m going to enjoy. I loved the previous games and was always wanting another version with more epic design in today’s’ technology. Thank you Nintendo. You heard this gamer girl’s heart. It will bring 50 levels of fun for players and 50 stages to play them in. some pass the Mountain Dew, we’re going to need some all-nighter juice.

All of these are promising some fun nights with my fellow geeks from work. The Legend of Zelda will be my personal favorite, but they are all going to be in my March release collection. Then I will gather the geeks at work together and we will cash in our chips for days off. I’m thinking a new game marathon is on the table. Of course I’ll be inviting Sean to that party. Thanks for covering for me again dude.

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