The Ice Ball: An Easy Way to Avoid Watered-Down Drinks

The Ice Ball: An Easy Way to Avoid Watered-Down Drinks

The Ice Ball: An Easy Way to Avoid Watered-Down Drinks

When at a bar or even at home having diluted drinks due to ice melting too fast is a huge issue as many times it ruins the entire experience of having the drink. Thankfully there is a solution to this problem; the solution is a huge ice ball that fits in the glass and is big enough to be about the size the palm of your hand. Because the ice ball is so big the ice naturally melts slower thus watering down the drink much slower as well. How long the ice ball lasts is greatly dependent on the size of the ice ball and the temperature of the drink, glass, and room that the ice ball is being introduced too.

Bars that use ice balls typically have an ice press that can make the ice balls quickly, and efficiently. The ice press is a metal mold that shapes a larger piece of ice into a round mold at whatever size the bar had purchased as the sizes available are from smaller than normal ice cubes to larger than two inches in diameter. However with the ice press there is a catch; the first thing to remember is that you need a huge piece of ice to start with as it has to start out bigger than the mold in order for it to work, and the second thing to consider is that these ice mold presses are really expensive to the point they can go for over one hundred dollars.

For those that still want the ice balls at home but don’t have the money, or access to huge pieces of ice for the metal ice mold presses there is a more economical option. There are plastic molds that you fill with water at the top close off and stick in your freezer until it is solid. Once solid you are able to separate the mold and pop the ball of ice out. These molds usually vary in price depending on your location, and the store you go to but you can typically get them for less than twenty dollars each. The plastic molds are a great at home option as you can basically treat it like any other ice mold you may have on hand. However, if you are shopping online for the mold you need to pay attention to the size of the diameter as there are many ice ball molds that are the same size as regular ice cubes just in balls. These are cute but will not function the way that larger ice ball will.

When it comes to the life span of the two molds naturally the metal press is going to last a lot longer making it a great investment for those that throw parties, or have a bar type area. However, the plastic molds can last you if you take care of them. Because the plastic molds can last for years under the right circumstances they are still a great option for those that wanting it for their drinks at home. But overall it is something that you need to take into consideration and in the end it depends on what your needs are and how many ice balls you think you are going to need at any given moment.

When it comes to getting the ice ball to last the longest possible there are a couple of things that you can do without freezing everyone in the room. Some of things that you can do is chill the drink in the fridge, or freezer before serving as chill the glass that the ice ball is going to be put in. If these two things, or even one of these are done it can make the ice last between five minutes longer to maybe a whole half hour longer than it would’ve before depending of course if you are inside, or outside in beach type weather. However, no matter how you look at it if you want ice in your drinks a huge ice ball will melt a lot slower than regular sized ice cubes will any day of the week which makes it the go to option for just about anyone.

There is also the advantage of giving your drinks a huge beauty overhaul as well. While you may not be drinking your drink because it looks pretty, nor will anyone have it just because of that it does help for the drink to look attractive. Attractive looking drinks naturally sell more, and get people interested in them; thus having attractive drinks opens people up to the idea of at least giving it a try once. For those that have it at home when you have friends over giving them drinks with a huge ice ball is sure to be a win with them, and may even strike up conversation about how sophisticated your drinks are.

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