How to Drill Holes in the Bottom of Plant Pots

How to Drill Holes in the Bottom of Plant Pots

How to Drill Holes in the Bottom of Plant Pots

I love spring. One of my favorite parts about spring, is getting outside and planting flowers. I always go out and find the perfect pots, but there is always that one perfect flower pot that I want but, I don’t buy it because it is always missing that one important detail, that my little flower babies need, a drain hole. I am going to tell you how to take care of this yourself, without breaking your new pot!

We are going to need to gather a few supplies first:

• Planter with no hole in the bottom.
• A small glass of water
• A power drill (the Dewalt DCD771C2 20V Drill is a great one to start! )
• A Diamond hole saw kit. This can be found at Home Depot and other hardware stores. They are sometimes kept in the flooring section.
• A hammer.
• A piece of cardboard or something to cover your work area.

Ok, now that we have everything together let’s get started. First, if you don’t want dust from the flower pot all over where you are working, then you are going to want to lay down some cardboard or newspaper. Keep in mind that the drill might cut whatever is under the pot, I used a 2×4 piece of wood under my flower pot.

Now that our work area is covered, we need to get our drill ready. Insert your diamond hole saw bit into your drill. Take one of the adhesive O-rings that came in your kit, and remove the backing, then you align it with the notches on the small water cup that was also included in the kit. The water cup is also going to work as your cutting guide.

We are ready for the flower pot! Peel the other side of your adhesive O-ring and place it inside your pot where you want the hole. Once that is in place, put a small amount of water in your water cup cutting guide. Place your drill inside and start cutting. It will sound awful at first but it is supposed to sound like that. After you get about a ¼ way through it stop, and try to use the hammer to knock out the circle you just cut. If it doesn’t come out easy go back to drilling. Just remember it will cut better with the water in the cup to keep the drill bit cooler.

Now that you have the hole you need your flower pots are ready for planting.


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