Happy Weekend (from Seattle)

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NEWS HUB | Happy Weekend (from Seattle) | art and design news

PHOTO: Steve Shook

By the time you’re reading this I’ll be Seattle-bound for a little event I’ve been invited to attend. I’ve never been to the PNW before and am incredibly stoked. Not only to get to do a few awesome things I’d never be able to do otherwise, but also to meet up with some bloggers and my BFF from junior high during the two days I’ll be in town. This girl’s got a good life. On that note, I’m leaving you with an extremely fantastic/extended list of links you’ll want to be sure and click on.

01/  cute summer succulent garden you can mimic
02/  DIY wrap bracelets
03/  check out The Ultimate Hitch Cookbook
04/  the biggest Polaroid prints ever
05/  intricate laser lace tees + tops from Diana Eng
06/  a recipe for Butterbeer!
07/  I will never forget that I am awesome
08/ a candle made from a ball of waxed string
09/ the Decibel Audio Sound Frame gives your art a soundtrack
10/  you’ve never seen photos of flowers like these before
11/  summer water
12/  making this: leather beaded necklace
13/  a vertical turntable for your wall
14/  turn a men’s dress shirt into a skirt
15/  a travel mug coffee press!