She was here


During the last edition of Fuori Salone 2014, Carlos Mate Studio presented the project She was here, a collection of five objects Made in Spain, that pretended to be a confusing game that through a variety of techniques and strategies question aspects like perception , or the value between what we are expecting to see and what we are actually seeing.

Lugano conference on digital experiences in smart cities


uxconference_2012_logo_smallOn Saturday 27 October, the Italian-speaking Swiss city of Lugano will host the 4th edition of the UXconference. The 2012 edition of the conference, which is organised by the Sketchin team, will focus on the relationship between digital services and people’s lives, with particular attention on the home and the city. Speakers this year come [...]

thilo frank: ekko spatial installation


within the installation consisting of 200 wooden frames, built-in microphones pick up the sound of the users and a computer sound system filters and remixes the recorded pitch and sends it to built-in electrodynamic resonators.read more

exposed walls


I love a beautiful exposed wall. These brick walls give an industrial character to a space. Here some example of an exposed wall in a kitchen, living room and even a bathroom.


The great Australian dream …


There is something in the Australian psyche, a primordial urge to own the quarter acre block with house or the ultimate dream … to own a pub. Yes, yes there is that crusty old joke about the perfect girlfriend and her father who owns a pub but given…

Wylie Dufresne Will Open Alder


Just found out that one of my Culinary heroes, Wylie Dufresne will be opening a new spot in the East Village at 157 Second Avenue. Alder will be a 50-seat pub. The kitchen will serve “modern casual food and well-crafted cocktails.”  T…



Artist Lee Ramao created an awesome lifelike 3D rendering of Popeye the Sailor Man
[via Laughing Squid]

Walnut Residence by Modal Design


Located in Venice, Caliiornia, a beachside community characterized by small lots (30′ wide x 120′ wide), an eclectic mix of architecture and a unique blend of personality. While the tight square footage of the lot and an existing tree constrained the organizational possiblities of the home, the connection to community, the need for privacy and [...]

Cute & Coveted: Faux Cobblestone Street


In college, I lived on a little cobblestone street. I knew a few people who found it annoying to drive or bike down our block, what with all the bumpity-bumpity, but I loved it, and knew it might be the only time in my life when I’d get to live on a …