Design Stores, after 9 years of operation as a “design listing directory” is changing to a design magazine!

The new Design Stores Magazine is aiming to become the online destination for crème de la crème design as well as for fine and applied arts. The modern design and art scene, creative stories and reviews, interviews from new talents and from top level designers and artists, new thematic sections like car design, travel, fashion, events design and other, will characterize our new online era.


Our new editorial process is to become a collaborative platform consisting of editors coming from design companies, independent designers and artists, design and fine art schools and top editors for all the above thematics.

Editors role is to identify new talents, cooperate with established design firms, designers and artists and feature them on the magazine.

To become an editor, please send us an email to: info@designstores.gr



The smell of nature, while looking at the shelves Volatevia, like leaves blown by a gust of wind, arranged along the walls of our home, furnishing it with a poetic touch, yet functional.

Perfect to optimize space with sophistication and creativity Volatevia shelves are made of bent metal sheets, very simple to fix to the wall. A creative and original solution, perfect at the entrance as empty pockets, in a living room as original bookshelf, in the bathroom and even in the bedroom instead of the nightstand. It is available in three different colors: white to create shadow tricks on the wall, in the green recalling springtime or in yellow, for the autumn nostalgic. Volatevia is perfect for those who cannot resist to the poetic charm of autumn leaves stirred by a sudden gust of wind.  It is also the ultimate gift idea!


Materializing breath in public art by Eric Sauvé


Eric Sauvé explores the fluid and the frozen in a recent commission for the entrance of a sports complex housing a swimming pool and two ice rinks.
Inspired by breath, and working with the contrast between the worlds of the pool and rink, Surfacing is a sparkling and intriguing work that animates the lobby by the play of refracted light in its glass, and the play of symbolic images it evokes.

Apollo 8 command module


Woodlabo – Conquest of space
The NASA of the 1960s was the inspiration behind the universe of Woodlabo.

The conquest of space was built on the same values we find in Woodlabo’s creations: meeting the challenge; practising the highest standards; savoir-faire, rigour and innovation. Woodlabo’s creations were conceived from this need to dream and to make others dream. High-end and large scale, Woodlabo’s creations tell a story, a story about men and women who, their eyes fixed on the stars, never gave up on their dream to reach the unreachable.

Inquadro / magazine rack


Inquadro is the magazine rack with essential lines that enhance both the object itself and its content.

The magazines will be always in order and right at hand. The detail of the front opening that frames the magazines and the inclination that gives dynamism to Inquadro, makes it a pleasant decor with practical features. A clean design, sober and captivating at the same time, great in any room of your home. Easy to move around the house thanks to the practical handle. Bring your favorite magazines with you in the living room, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the study!



Multifunctional felt containers cute, handy and sustainable!

Fold the felt surface, insert the strings into the holes and let your Imperativo take shape, ready to store your stuff, as box to keep your things, a colorful magazine rack to put right next to the couch. Super functional elements with a captivating design, you cannot miss them, it is imperative!

Imperativo brings tidiness! Colorful felt containers, functional and eco-friendly. Imperativo is fun because you can assemble your own box, folding the felt surface and inserting the laces in the holes, and voila, it is ready to store your items, books, laundry and everything you want to put inside it. Beautiful design elements to collect in various shapes and sizes, as storage box, these are also the perfect gift idea. A must have, this is imperative!

Giuliano Valeri for Formabilio

Lino by Formabilio. First modular storage unit


It’s time to say goodbye to those ugly plastic storage boxes and dusty rattan baskets.

Why throw your things into containers that in turn you’ll need to hide or that make you turn up your nose, placed in that corner in the living room? Lino is the first modular storage unit that complement your existing home furnishings and hide your mess with style! Fully customizable with its basic elements of MDF, roomy and colorful, Lino has a clean design that makes it perfectly fitting in every room of the house.

FORMABILIO LAUNCHES INSOFAR | 41st contest for talented designers and furniture enthusiasts from all over the world


“SOCIAL”, soft, WRAP, TWO, THREE OR FOUR SEATER! We are talking of His Majesty the Sofa!

Formabilio launches Insofar, 41st international contest for talented designers and furniture enthusiasts from all over the world.

You can submit until December the 15th your projects inspired by the “Majesty the Sofa”.

Opens today Insofar, 41st contest – for designers from all over the world – launched by Formabilio, the Italian brand of furniture, lamps and home accessory, committed to participatory and eco-friendly Design that promotes the projects of talented designers through contests online.

She was here


During the last edition of Fuori Salone 2014, Carlos Mate Studio presented the project She was here, a collection of five objects Made in Spain, that pretended to be a confusing game that through a variety of techniques and strategies question aspects like perception , or the value between what we are expecting to see and what we are actually seeing.

Lugano conference on digital experiences in smart cities


uxconference_2012_logo_smallOn Saturday 27 October, the Italian-speaking Swiss city of Lugano will host the 4th edition of the UXconference. The 2012 edition of the conference, which is organised by the Sketchin team, will focus on the relationship between digital services and people’s lives, with particular attention on the home and the city. Speakers this year come […]